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Planning Your Destination Wedding with Royal Weddings by Playa Resorts

Congratulations on your Engagement! Here is a suggested timeline of items you need to consider prior to your destination wedding day in Mexico at Playa Resorts!

Wedding Checklist

Here is a helpful timeline and checklist of what and when things should generally be done within the wedding process for planning the perfect destination wedding. Our Wedding Planners and Specialists are experienced and knowledgeable and will assist you every step of the way, to deliver the best possible results according to your preferences throughout the planning process.

To Do Timeline by Royal Weddings

“To-Do” Timeline

9-12 Months Prior to The Wedding
  • Decide on a Budget for your destination wedding. Meet with contributing family and friends to determine monetary duties.
  • Begin envisioning the wedding of your dreams. Start searching for the Playa Resorts that would best cater to your needs and the needs of your guests the best.
  • Select your preferred ceremony date and time After confirming with immediate family members and friends.
  • Check wedding availability with Playa Resorts Wedding Planner. Confirm resort availability and arrange airline and group rates. The beauty of working with Playa Resorts is that you are ALSO hiring a destination Wedding Planner and on-site Wedding Specialist who will be YOUR personal destination consultants to guide you throughout the process.
  • BOOK THE WEDDING OF YOUR DREAMS. Once you have confirmed that your preferred resort, airline provider and wedding dates are available . . . BOOK IT! BOOK THE WEDDING OF YOUR DREAMS and let Playa Resorts help you have peace of mind when planning the most memorable occasion of your life!
    Note: Playa Resorts offers outstanding group incentives when booking 10 rooms or more, as well as hotel and transfer packages. Please ask your Wedding Planner for details.
  • Buy or make a wedding organizer. Think about whether you will want to have it as a keepsake later on; if so, this may influence your decision about what kind of organizer to have. At a bare minimum, you should have an organized way to keep track of appointments, payments, etc., and a system for keeping track of invitations, gifts, and thank-you notes.
  • Review the wedding contract, airline contract and reservation confirmation. Be sure to review any penalties, cancellation clauses, etc.
    Note:The wedding contract must be signed and returned 7 days after the couple has received it; to confirm space, otherwise space will be released.
  • Check dates needed to make deposits to confirm all reservations and ensure peace of mind.
  • Create a draft of your guest list.
  • Set up your gift registry.
  • Start shopping for a wedding dress.
  • Personally invite and confirm your attendants.
  • Review all the wedding options with your Wedding Planner for any decisions that need to be made at this time, i.e. confirmation of private dining rooms, chapel, etc.
  • Order and send “Save the Date” announcements to all your guests.
6-9 Months Prior to Your Wedding
  • Review documents required by the Civil Registry in Mexico. Make sure that you are requesting apostilles, certified copies, valid passports, etc. or whatever legal documents are applicable to you and your situation. Let us make it easy for you! Please see Requirements and Details of a Wedding on our website.
  • Select and order the invitations. Tip: Offer the possibility of accepting gifts prior to departure. Doing this will save your guests the trouble of bringing expensive gifts with them and in turn save you the trouble of bringing them through Customs. You can add an extra card adjacent to your invitation.
  • Order your wedding gown and accessories and coordinate fitting sessions keeping the location, weather and location style in mind.
  • Select bridesmaid dresses and coordinate fitting sessions.
  • Make arrangements with your work schedules to allow some extra time for before and after your destination wedding.
  • Finalize your guest list and compile in alphabetical order.
  • Shop for wedding rings.
4-6 Months Prior to Your Wedding
  • Confirm that you have received all of your documents back from the Secretary of State Department, Passport Agency and or Consulate.
  • Confirm any wedding optional services, private functions, live musicians, band, or religious ceremonies with the Playa Resorts Wedding Planner.
45 Days- 4 Months Prior to Your Wedding
  • Submit all final payments required for wedding ceremony, airline and room accommodations.
  • Mail your wedding invitations.
  • Select the groom’s and groomsmen’s attire.
3 Months Prior to Your Wedding
  • Buy wedding accessory items that you will need; such as a guest book, pen, flutes for the toast, and cake cutting knife, to take with you.
  • Create a list of photography shots you would like the photographer and videographer to capture of your ceremony and / or reception.
  • Select from magazines the ideal hairstyles you will like to have on your special wedding day and bring with you to give to the on-site hairstylist.
1 Month Prior To Your Wedding
  • Re-confirm all wedding day details with your on-site Wedding Specialist. By now all of the owed monies should have been paid for.
  • Schedule a manicure and pedicure at Playa Resorts’s Spa and Salon for the day before the wedding.
  • Meet with bridal party to confirm and coordinate responsibilities.
  • Wedding Certificate. If you have decided to get civilly married ahead of time (obtaining the Vow Renewal package), then obtain your legal wedding certificate from your state or providence.
  • Schedule final dress fitting along with bridal party.
  • Make sure to bring correct shoes for final fit.
  • Review your final guest list and contact guests that have not confirmed.
2 Weeks Prior to Your Wedding
  • contact information sheet. Provide a trusted friend or relative that is not going with you to Mexico with the emergency contact information sheet. This should include all of the resort’s information. Once you arrive, be sure to advise this person with your room number.
  • Have your hair cut and dyed; (if applicable).
  • Do a test of your make-up so you have everything with you that you will need and so that you will be comfortable with the outcome.
  • Pick up your wedding dress and obtain a secure bag for travel. Tip:You can phone the airline ahead of time to check the possibilities on having your wedding dress hung in cabinet, and not checked-in. Do not ship your wedding dress.
  • Start to pack for your honeymoon. Make a list of all the items you need and will be taking; then use it as a checklist.
  • Make sure all documents required for your wedding are packed and ready to go. In example: Passports, birth certificates, apostilles, etc.
1 Week Prior to Your Wedding
  • Reconfirm any transformation transfers for pick-up at the airport.
  • You will confirm all details regarding your wedding including blood tests and optional services (flowers, cake, video, photography, etc.), private function details, musicians, and spa appointments, with your on-site Wedding Specialist.
  • Purchase Traveler’s checks.
  • Reconfirm with your on-site Wedding Specialist when your wedding pictures and video will be ready. Note:If you are leaving the resort the day after your wedding, be sure to pay any shipping fees associated.
  • Check any possible tours or spa treatments or themed parties being held that week at the resort, which you or your guests might be interested in.
Day Before Your Wedding
  • Enjoy your manicure and pedicure at the resort’s Spa and Salon.
  • Groom should give best man the bride’s wedding band.
  • Drink lots of water and eat lots of fruit so that your skin will look radiant for your special day!
  • Go to sleep early. A well rested bride is a happy bride!
Day Of Wedding

Be calm, pamper yourself, take deep breaths, enjoy yourself, and treasure every moment of your special day!

  • Eat breakfast
  • Have hair and make-up done
  • Spend some quality time with your immediate family before your wedding as well as some girl time with your bridal party
  • Get dressed
  • RELAX, say “I DO” and live happily ever after!
When you return from your dream wedding and honeymoon in Paradise:
  • Send thank you notes to all family and friends.
  • Contact the local court house to see what is required from you to file your marriage certificate.
  • Review gift registry lists, return gifts if necessary.